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July 2014
The big News is we have just opened a Wildlife Centre here in Argyll called the WILDLIFE HUB!

Eagles, otters, sea birds, insects, herons, mammals all featured.

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New Product announced: Wildlife Hub

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White-tailed eagle

News Flash
Brand new weekend experiences
News Flash
Philip on Country File, and made highlights show in April 2012
News Flash
Philip has won the natural abstract award in 2011 Scottish Nature Photography Awards
News Flash
New Loch Visions Blue Tit Video

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Guest galleries of the highest quality
This months news letter is dedicated to the aray of fantastic new images from some amazing pictures taken on our weekend and advanced experiences. Well done to all you amazing photographers and thank you so much for coming on one of our experiences so I can also have an amazing experience!!!!

Weekend and Advanced on display this month are Sea Eagle Flight Masterclass, Puffin galore, and loads of fantastic macro shots. Well done everyone

If your picture is not there do let me know.

I hope you all enjoy your pics.

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Macro Sea Bird Challenge

When on the puffin island in June I only brought a Macro lens with me to see what I could do. These are some of the results grabbed while everyone happy snapping in puffin heaven. A really interesting challenge and almost impossible anywhere else, puffins actually love being near you!

Puffin foot, even their feet are amazing

Not to be outdone below is a shag wing

While puffins do steal the show Razorbills are any birds equal in beauty and colour


Monthly Episode of Wild Motion -Black Grouse star in Face Off

This was the fist year I had attempted to film and photograph the black grouse during the world class wildlife spectacle of the lek. What an animal, the whole thing was so exciting that I wondered what is better watching a hollywood block buster or this, apart from having to get up at 3am to see it I would say there is no competition, the grouse win every time. Thus I hope you enjoy this months enstallement of Wild Motion - Black Grouse do Face Off! (For those who do not remember Face Off was an action adventure film starring nicholas cage and john travolta - they need to watch Grouse to see how it is really done!)


Previous episodes available below.

Treasire Island - Otter Heaven

I have becomne a little bit obsessed with filming at the moment. I love it as a medium for telling a story so this months newsletter was all filmed on the island of Carna where we ran our otter weekend. What a weekend and you can see all the pics in our guest gallery. Unfortunately I took no stills so the above image is from last year in the same location. I hope you enjoy it.

Here it is the first episode in the brand new mini series, I hope you enjoy. If you subscribe to the Loch Visions you tube channel you will get access to all our broadcasts.



Here is the trailer for the whole series:


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Philip's Escapades Adventure Race World Championship 2009

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