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April 2014

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Deer in snow

News Flash
Brand new weekend experiences
News Flash
Philip on Country File, and made highlights show in April 2012
News Flash
Philip has won the natural abstract award in 2011 Scottish Nature Photography Awards
News Flash
New Loch Visions Blue Tit Video

New Weekend Dates Announced:
Every year I try and improve the wildlife encounters I can offer people while keeping prices to an affordable level. This year has been excellent but I have added a few new ones in for next year which I hope to be even better. Rutting stags in glen coe, a fantastic new mainland otter location and Iona and surrounding islands including a epic boat trip top the bill for new and exciting - Click here for full details

Wow what a year, We have had some of the most remarkeable wildlife encounters in the history of loch visions, the beaver topping the list. Just look at the guest galleries to see what I mean
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No Stories this month
as I am locked to the computer doing my admin tasks and sending out vouchers but I have left last months story up for your entertainment

November 2013 Newsletter

This Newsletter will be dedicated to two animals, one of which is the most interesting, exciting and almost biblical animal that we have – the Beaver. The other can do things that baffle medical science and would save thousands of lives if we could master it too – a solitary wasp.

First the Beaver and boy did they perform for us this year. Both weekend workshops were a million times better that I could ever have dreamed of and then on an advanced just to top it all of we had a close encounter with a kit (very young baby beaver). Once in a life time stuff – sometimes my policy of not taking a camera so I can concentrate on clients getting the best shots does hurt. However all the images on this newsletter were taking on an advanced with a client who had been out with me a lot so was happy for me to bring my camera, and I am so grateful she did!

You may wander why I am so obsessed with this animal – it features a lot on my facebook page and on numerous newsletters. There are two main reasons, one is it is just a very very very cool animal. Anything that can knock down trees with its teeth.

Build beautiful and complex dams.

Has complex social family structures and just looks so comical sometimes, is in my book a privilege to be around.

Not only that, it is a miracle that they are back so thank you again to all that have made that happen.

Which leads me on the the second reason I am totally obsessed – next year is a big year for the beavers as the trial stops and the government need to decided whether to do a full introduction....YES YES YES YES!!!

So please please write to your local MP and urge them to fully back a reintroduction of this magnificent animal, this is a great website for writing to MPs I urge you to get political – www.writetothem.com

This is our chance to make the magic happen!

And magic leads me on to our next star and that is the wee solitary wasp featured in the next episode of wild motion below. I hope after you watch the video you are as blown away but how amazing this wasp is as I was. What is also wonderful is this is a common animal that can be found across the country yet in its venom it could hold the secrets to eternal life!

Welcome to the Invasion of the body snatchers


Guest galleries of the highest quality
Well done to all you amazing photographers and thank you so much for coming on one of our experiences so I can also have an amazing experience!!!!

Weekend and Advanced on display this month are Beavers, Mull, Red Deer, Sea Eagle Flight Masterclass, Puffin galore, and loads of fantastic macro shots. Well done everyone

If your picture is not there do let me know.

I hope you all enjoy your pics.

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Monthly Episode of Wild Motion -Black Grouse star in Face Off

This was the fist year I had attempted to film and photograph the black grouse during the world class wildlife spectacle of the lek. What an animal, the whole thing was so exciting that I wondered what is better watching a hollywood block buster or this, apart from having to get up at 3am to see it I would say there is no competition, the grouse win every time. Thus I hope you enjoy this months enstallement of Wild Motion - Black Grouse do Face Off! (For those who do not remember Face Off was an action adventure film starring nicholas cage and john travolta - they need to watch Grouse to see how it is really done!)


Previous episodes available below.

Treasire Island - Otter Heaven

I have becomne a little bit obsessed with filming at the moment. I love it as a medium for telling a story so this months newsletter was all filmed on the island of Carna where we ran our otter weekend. What a weekend and you can see all the pics in our guest gallery. Unfortunately I took no stills so the above image is from last year in the same location. I hope you enjoy it.

Here it is the first episode in the brand new mini series, I hope you enjoy. If you subscribe to the Loch Visions you tube channel you will get access to all our broadcasts.



Here is the trailer for the whole series:


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