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green finch in snow

Green Finch in Snow

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irish hare looking pensive

Irish Hare on Cold Winters Day - Mull

Don't bury your head in the sand - read on to find out the amazing winter wildlife stories that we have uncovered.

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My winter is usually spent on freelance projects or business admin. But now I am part of the wonderful Wildlife Hub, a lot of what I do will be reccying locations, wildlife, taking pictures and film for our Wildlife Hub visitor centre. I will also be planning workshops I can run around the hub. With this in mind I joined the Lorn Natural History Group on a funghi foray, on the wonderful island of Lismore. We were looking for waxcaps.

It did not start well as I almost missed the ferry because I ran out of petrol, however the ferry was very understanding and waited for me to get my kit sorted, I love Argyll in the winter everyone is very chilled out!

I met with the group and we drove to a field.......and then my mind exploded. Talk about a kid in a candy shop, it was heaven. Scarlet Waxcaps, Meadow Coral, Golden Strands. All living up to their wonderful names with unbelievable shapes and colours. Reviewing the pictures I felt like I had been diving through a coral reef in the tropics somewhere.
Picture names: Top is a Scarlet or Crimson Waxcap, next one down is Meadow Coral - what a great name for a cracking wee funghi found in a meadow!

And then we found the Caterpillar Club (pictured left), WOW! This small orange protrusion hides a great and vicious story. The spoors of this funghi need to find a pupating caterpillar to attach themselves to. The funghi then grows on the pupa and slowly digests it. So every single Caterpillar Club has a murdered rotting caterpillar underneath it.

Picture Names: Above Earth Tongue, Top right is an Inkcap, the two below are two different types of Waxcap (sorry can not remember what type), below are the wonderful Golden Strands, and again the others I am not sure of.
I would never have seen any of what I did that day if it was not for the amazingly keen eyes of the Lorn Natural History Group and their expertise. Thank you to all!

And to think this was just a grazed windy wet field, that has not been fertilized (very important for the funghi) that at first glance had no life in it at all. Just goes to show the magic of the natural world really is all around us and sometimes just needs a bit of looking. Which is exactly the what we are trying to achieve with the Wildlife Hub.

There are a few more pictures on the Loch Visions Facebook Page

Happy Winter foraging!

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