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Guest Gallery

One day Loch Visions Experience

August to December 2013

In alphabetical order by first name

Advanced Experiences -

Laura Dyer Otters
Eileen Reid Red Deer
Emma Kirk Otter and Macro
John Happs Red Deer
Matilda Grey Seal
Ray Sims Mull
Rowan Forest Bird and Macro
Shelia Family Red Deer
Cameron Otter

chaffinch wildlife photography scotland
Common Seal
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Amazing new images from this years brand new weekend experience

Weekend Experiences

Mull in rut - Roy Waller

Mull in Rut

Wild Beaver Weekend

Wild Beaver Weekend 2

Grey Seal Pupping Weekend

Jamie Mina Puffin Weekend

Mull Spring 2013

Puffin June 2013

Sea Eagle Flight Masterclass 2013

Puffin July 2013

Red Squirrel Alan Donaldson

Otter weekend March 2013

Red Squirrel February 2012

School workshops
Argyll Schools
Dalmally Primary School

For images from past experiences please refer to archives below

Weekend Experience Archive:
Grey Seal Weekend Sept 2012
Mull October 2012
Otter Weekend April 2012
Mull Weekend May 2012
Otter Easton April 2012
Puffin June 2012
Puffin July 2012

Mull Weekend October 2011
Otter Weekend November 2011
Chris Puffin Weekend Pictures
Grey Seal Weekend Experience
Flight Masterclass Weekend 2011
Puffin Weekend June 2011
Puffin Weekend July 2011
Mull Weekend April 2011
Grey Seal 2010
Mull October 2010
Chris Reekie Mull Oct 2010
Ruth Mull 2010
Flight Masterclass 2010
Puffin June 2010
Puffin July 2010
Mull April 2010
Red Squirrel and Deer 2010
Flight Masterclass 2009
Flight Masterclass 2 - 2009
Mull April 2009
Puffin 2009
Red Squirrel 2009
Mull October 2008
3 pages in first name alphabetical order
Seal Pups '08 - 2 pages
Mull wildlife weekend

Red Squirrel follow on experience March '08
Sea bird chicks - May '08
Flight photography masterclass '08 - 3 pages
Puffin adventures '08 - 2 pages

One day Loch Visions Experience archive
Aug 2012 to March 2013
11th of May to 1st of Aug 2012
18th Jan to the 10th of May 2012
17th Oct 2011- 17th Jan 2012
13th May 30th August 2011
14th April - 12th May
December 13th - April 2011
13th Nov - Dec 2010
11th Aug to 12th Nov 2010
17th of May to 10 Aug 2010
1st February to 10th March 2010
20th Oct '09 - Jan '10
21st of May '09 to 20th of Oct '09
in alphabetical order by first name
September 8th - 18th 2008
3 pages in first name alphabetical order
September 9th - 7th Nov 2008
First name alphabetical order
30th June to 8th September '08
4 pages - Alphabetical by first name
3rd of June to the 29th of June '08
-10th of May to the
3rd of June '08

-2nd April to 9th of May '08

- 28th of February to the 2nd of April '08
- 1st November '07 to 27th February '08
- 10th October - 15th of November
- September 20th '08 to
October 11th '08

November 22nd 2008 to January 8th 2009
9th of January to 13th of February 2009
14th of February to 26th of March 2009
26th of March 2009 to 20th of May 2009

Advanced Experiences archive:
- Ben Chadwick - Guillemot and shutter masterclass
- Collins Red Deer
- David Carlisle Mull
- Geoff Harrison Guillemot and Macro
Michael Enticott Creative Nature
- RHYC Puffin Day
- Red Deer John and Robert
- Susan Farr 2 day Macro and Creative
- Camera Club 6th April 2013
- Forest Bird Flight Masterclass - Graham Debling
- Red Squirrel and flight masterclass Geoff Morley
- Black Guillemot Morag Urquhart
- Ospreys and Beavers Richard Bennett

Beaver - Anderson
Flight Masterclass - Hannah
Macro - Thompson
Squirrel and Macro - Brown
Puffin - Stirling Camera Club
Red Squirrel and Macro-Currie
Red Squirrel and Waterfall-Jane and Fiona
Red Squirrel-Kirsty
Red Squirrel-Reekie
Red Squirrel/Black Guillemot two day-Eric Shaw
Angus Reid
Ray Sims
Adam Fairbrother
Nikki Hallsworth and Family
Karen Marr
Red Deer with Kirsty
David Carlisle
Gavin Hanna
Michael Wright
Soo Ja Massey
Alasdair Thomson Dragon Fly
Amy Downes
Ann Sarginson
Farmer Tailored Experience
Ian Gillanders
Marathon Oil Group
McGhee Tailored Experience
Mull Tailored 12 July 2011
Olivia Prutz
Swedish Group
Tailored Experience 27th June
Mr and Mrs Burns
M Freeman
Marathon Oil Co.
Toni and Friends
Alex and Julian White
Andrew Gooday
Dominic Thompson
Ewan and Anita
Alistair Daniel
Andy Stunnell
Ann Maclean
Ann Sarginson
Chris Barlow
David Milburn, Adrian Cubitt
Eastons Puffin trip
John Maxwell-MacDonald
Les and Amy Chandler
Tailored Exp 10 May
Earl Nicoll
Helen Macleod
Ron McCombe
Alexander Cossarini
Ann Maclean
Red Deer 24th Oct '09
Joe Goodings
Jon Cooke
Lisa Melessaccio
Sarah Heneage
Sean and Mags
Andy Stunnell
Charles Mcavinchey
David King
David Waterman
Extended Experience 17th July
Easton's Red Deer Experience
Ricketts' Mull Experience
Strathallan School
Tony Red Squirrel
Jane Colbeck-Mckinnon Red Squirrel
Family Easton - flight masterclass workshop
Bobby Mcleary - Red Deer
Bobby Mcleary - Shutter Speed
Dalmally primary school
Kathryn Adams - Red Deer
Jen Buchan - Red Deer
Martin and Dee - Mull
Stuart Chapman - One day and Red Deer
Vicky and Gareth - Red Deer
Sarah Heanage - May '08
Colbeck - Red Deer
Ann Waterhouse - Red Deer
Turner and Edwards - Red Deer
Bowtle - Mull family experience
Linda Withey - Red Deer

Click on list below to gain access to previous Archive Galleries. They are in alphabetical order by first name.

Gallery 1 - customers 06, A-J
Gallery 2 - customers J-S and A-C
Gallery 3 - customers C-J
Gallery 4 - customers J-S
Gallery 5 - customers S-W

All wildlife experiences, wildlife photography holidays, wildlife tours, wildlife photography courses, and wildlife images only feature wild animals in Scotland, no captive or semi feral animals are used

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