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The Goal:

Create a viable business from a Scottish wildlife and natural habitat resource without damaging that resource in anyway.

To engage people with the Scottish wildlife that is all around them and hopefully kindle some excitement, curiosity and care about our Scottish wildlife.
The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable business

What is a sustainable business? A sustainable business meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

American Mink, wildlife photography, holidays and tours, scotland
American Mink, Loch Awe

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Bird boxes
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It creates local employment, wealth and enjoyment through Scottish nature and landscapes, whilst not damaging either.
Environmental impact is a key consideration in all business decisions.

Loch Visions environmental policy for wildlife photography
- wildlife welfare more important than picture
- no air travel
- no captive animal or semi feral animal used for photograhy or experience purposes
- no purchased meat based bate used, only road kill or waste product, or self caught
- bird food from green, sustainable and local source
- eco travel plan for all shoots - maximise use of public transport, combine trips, try to not travel where possible
- follow wildlife photography guidance notes from the RPS

Eco Tourism

Only by maintaining the bio-diversity in the region and in no way causing it any harm will the future of Loch Visions be secure. Therefore through our various experiences visitors can enjoy real Eco Tourism and support wildlife.
Please see below for actions we have taken or will be taking in order to be sustainable (Italic represents action will be taken within the next 2 years):

Use of lap top computers where possible - 95% more efficient than desk top.
Use recycled computers
Local suppliers used if available
Verification of source and impact of materials requested when possible

Most services in one area therefore minimal need for car travel.
Lunch is all locally produced food, or home grown and organic when available.
Eco travel plan available for all guests
Eco travel plan carried out for all photography.
Banking with Ethical bank cooperative who only invest money in ethical and environmental projects

Loch Visions land management
Natural areas left to be natural - no clearance or tidying done on woodland.
Some bracken cleared through manual labour to make way for butterfly meadow.
Floating nesting platforms to counter man made fluctuations in Loch
Use of eco friendly land management techniques such as pigs, see pictures on right.
Increasing nesting sites for wild birds, and bats through nesting boxes see pictures on right.
Heating predominantly from naturally fallen dead trees.
Studio heating wood pellet
All envelopes used from recycled paper.
All paper used from sustainably managed forests where possible or reused paper from local businesses.
Envelopes reused when possible.
Double sided printing.
Car fuel from bio fuel.

Loch Visions Memberhsips:
Mammal society
Scottish wildlife trust
Adopted a Beaver

Minimal landfill policy by recycling, reusing, composting, and energy recovery

All wildlife experiences, wildlife photography holidays, wildlife tours, wildlife photography courses, and wildlife images only feature wild animals in Scotland, no captive or semi feral animals are used

01866 833 272 bookings@lochvisions.co.uk
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